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As a skilled manufacturer of premium Qixin® Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control, Factory supply Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control, we always uphold the principle of "honesty first, quality win" in order to satisfy customer needs and meet market demands.A metal case sheet metal box is a type of enclosure used to protect electrical control systems and equipment. It is made of high-quality metal, typically steel or aluminum, and has a robust structure that provides long-lasting protection against harsh environmental conditions.

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Purchasing a customized Qixin® Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control from us can be done with confidence. Our products cover the majority of the European and American markets and have a good quality/price advantage. We are forward to work with you as a long-term partner in China.

Qixin® Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control

Factory supply Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control,we always adhere to the spirit of “honesty first,quality win”to meet the market need for the center,customer satisfaction for the purpose.


1.Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control Introduction

An alloy casing A sheet metal box is an enduring enclosure constructed from premium metal that shields equipment and electrical control systems from inclement weather. It is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor uses, coming in a variety of sizes and finishes, and may be tailored to meet special needs. Its attractive design improves the overall appearance of the equipment and effectively dissipates heat, extending its longevity. These boxes are used in many different industries, including as the medical field, telecommunications, electrical car charging stations, and industrial equipment protection.


With its own design, engineering, sample, CMF, QC, warehouse, and sales staff, Qixin specializes in various types of sheet metal box outdoor and indoor electrical control cases. It also offers bespoke enclosure services.

Dear Clientele, Please take note that the size and number of the products decide the price and shipping costs.

Before submitting your order, please validate the changes with our customer care representatives.

I appreciate your understanding.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)


Product name:

high quality

Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control

ip 66  ip65 waterproof


 Customized. We need your drawings in CAD, 3D or PDF. Or you send us your sample, we draw for you

 Fabrication  processes:

 Getting your order - Caculating material QTY needed & open tooling  - Material stock - Fabrication dawings - Material laying off - Stamping - fix the burrs - surface treatment - quality inspection - packing

 Surface treatment:

 Polishing, Zinc plating, Powder coating, Chrome plating, Nickel plating




 Industry, Electrical industry, Mining industry, mechanical, metals, components for furniture, auto, machines etc

3.Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control Feature And Application


Robust construction: The metal case sheet metal box is composed of premium metal, usually aluminum or steel, giving it a long lifespan. It offers a sturdy framework that shields equipment and electrical control systems from inclement weather, dust, debris, and other dangers.

Design adaptability: The box can be made to fit particular electrical equipment or control systems, as it is made to fit particular applications.

Versatility: The sheet metal box can be used indoors or outdoors because it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Effective heat dissipation: Better heat dissipation is made possible by the metal casing, which increases equipment lifespan, lowers energy consumption, and permits electrical equipment to function at peak efficiency.

Aesthetic appeal: The sheet metal box's aesthetic appeal is increased by the variety of finishes it can be painted, anodized, or powder coated.


Control systems for industry: The metal casing Industrial applications frequently use sheet metal boxes as protective enclosures for equipment and control systems. It offers an isolated atmosphere that guards against operational interruptions and guarantees the security of electrical equipment.

Telecommunications equipment: Outdoor telecom equipment is housed and protected in sheet metal boxes. They offer a safe and secure environment for electronics because they are robust and weather-resistant.

Electric vehicle charging stations: The boxes offer safe storage for the wiring, connectors, and controllers of the electrical components used in these stations.

Medical devices: To safeguard delicate equipment like X-ray machines and medical scanners, the medical industry uses sheet metal boxes. They offer a secluded setting that prolongs the life of medical equipment and guarantees its safety.

4.Metal Case Sheet Metal Box Outdoor and Indoor Electrical Control Details


5.Product Qualification

Our QA/QC team consist of raw material inspectors,on-line inspectors for each process,inspectors for finished products,final random inspection by supervisors.


Our general package adopts plastics ang strong carton boxes,and also we accept customized packing according to  customer requirements.




1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are manufacturer and trading company.
2. Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,China.All our clients, from domestic or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!
3. Q: How Can I Get A Sample?
A: You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.
4. Q: How Long Is Delivery?
A: Sample Delivery time will be 7-10days.Mass production Delivery are 20-50days after sample confirmation.
5. Q: What is the term of payment?
A: Our normal payment terms now is: T/T,L/C, Paypal. In addition, the sample and its transportation costs can be paid by PayPal.
6. Q: What Is The MOQ?
A: MOQ depends on different items.
7. Q: How Do I Order Your Products?
A: You can check our website for any items you interest, and you can also get
communication with our export sales and order for it accordingly.
8. Q: What makes you different with others?
A:1.Our Excellent Service
We promise to reply with a price within 24 hours - sometimes even within the hour.
We will answer your questions immediately.
A:2.Our quick manufacturing time
For Normal orders, we will promise to produce within 5-35days. As a factory, we can
ensure the delivery time according to the formal contract.
9. Q: Is OEM or ODM service available?
A: Yes, we can provide OEM or ODM service to you and can put your logo on the goods. 

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